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SCCF Mission






The South Carolina Christian Foundation (SCCF) was founded in 1997 by four Christian businessmen in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Originally named the Spartanburg Christian Community Foundation, SCCF was created to address two significant needs:

  1. The need for Christians to engage God and His word regarding Biblical Stewardship and Generous Giving.

  2. The need to raise awareness of God’s work in the community through Christian organizations.

The Christian Community Foundation concept provides the tools and services needed to assist generous people in accomplishing their giving goals. It also provides a funding resource for local ministries.

Hugh Brantley, a former banking executive, was named SCCF’s founding president in 2001 and began SCCF’s full time activity in the community. Through his work and those of the board, the influence of SCCF grew and served to unite the Christian community in Spartanburg.

In 2004, SCCF initiated a grants program for local ministries based in Spartanburg. The ministries receiving grants were highlighted, via video presentations, at a community-wide, non-fundraising Celebration Banquet later that same year when $100,000 was given away.

Through the grants process and the banquet, ministries received needed funding and vital public awareness. Furthermore, attendees were introduced to Christian organizations of which they were unaware. Inevitably, many attendees engaged the local ministries in both time and money. Therefore, the goal of connecting donors to ministries continued well past the banquet evening.

With growth in donor accounts, the Board of Directors in 2009 expanded the organization’s vision to reach other communities across the state. The name was changed to South Carolina Christian Foundation and plans were made to begin work in Greenville County. Also at this time, a women’s giving circle was established and given the name Circle 555.

In time, a Greenville Leadership Council was established, and work continued in two counties. In the fall of 2011, South Carolina Christian Foundation, for the first time hosted two banquets, one in Spartanburg and one in Greenville. With these, and with Circle 555’s first grants awarded, South Carolina Christian Foundation surpassed $1.5 million in unrestricted community giving.

Through its donor-clients and their restricted funds, South Carolina Christian Foundation has facilitated the giving of more than $15 million since its inception.

We are grateful to God for His faithfulness in these years.


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