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Donor Advised Fund
The Greatest Tool for the Generous Person

The Donor Advised Fund at South Carolina Christian Foundation allows you to make a “charitable gift” to a fund restricted for your use and to receive the immediate tax deductions you need. Assets of any kind may be used to fund your account. You then can use your deposits to make grants to your favorite charities on your schedule.

Establishing a Donor Advised Fund at SCCF is like creating your own private foundation with all of the tax benefits but without the burdensome administrative tasks and expenses.

A Donor Advised Fund allows you to consolidate all of your giving into one place without having to name any specific non-profit recipients. You then retain the right to recommend grants to the causes of your choice over time. Furthermore, annually, you receive only one charitable receipt from SCCF for your tax preparation.

Explore the advantages of your own Donor Advised Fund.

To meet more specific needs and goals you may have, Other Funds are available.

There is a variety of ways to fund your SCCF account. Learn more.


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