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Donor Advisor Fund
Advantages of a Donor Advised Fund

Tax Advantage - In addition to cash, use appreciated property such as stock, real estate, and business interests to fund your account avoiding the capital gains and income tax ramifications you would incur if you sold them outright. Or make the sale of assets or year-end giving simple by taking advantage of the tax deduction of your deposits in that year, then make distributions from your fund at a later date.

Convenience - SCCF handles all distributions for you along with government reporting and audit requirements. SCCF will also work with you to construct a giving schedule such that SCCF makes your monthly, quarterly and annual gifts on your behalf.

Family Recognition - The Donor Advised Fund provides a way to maintain a family legacy in Christian philanthropy by establishing a lasting tribute to you or a loved one.

Teaching Tools for Family - Involve your children and grandchildren in your gifting by having them research various charities and recommend grants to meet needs.

Flexibility - A Donor Advised Fund permits you to change your giving priorities to meet new needs or pursue new opportunities as the Lord leads you.

Anonymity - Unlike a Private Foundation, SCCF can make your donations anonymous protecting a donor’s identity when requested.


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