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Funds for Specific Goals


The Organizational Endowment Fund, or Designated Fund, allows you to designate a particular ministry or cause to benefit from your fund. The interest income earned by your fund goes to the organization that is most important to you. You have the assurance of knowing if that charity ceases to exist, or if their mission and practice change direction from your original intent, SCCF will redirect the fund toward the closest intended use. The Designated Fund is ideal for someone:

  • Who wants to make an endowment gift to a ministry or charity that does not have an extensive investment management capacity.
  • Who wants to make an endowment gift to a new, small, or struggling organization.
  • Who wishes to support a particular non-profit, but wants third party oversight to ensure the principal is not invaded or that the gift is used as he or she specified.
  • Who wants to support several named charities through one substantial gift.


Field of Interest Fund allows you to target your giving to a special and specific area of need, such as at-risk youth, hunger, prison ministry or family issues. You decide the field of interest, or area(s), about which you are most passionate and choose which organizations within that area you want to help. If requested, SCCF advisors can assist you in researching particular ministries and non-profits within your interest field.


A Scholarship Fund allows you to assist worthy students in accomplishing their goals by continuing their education, leadership and/or personal development. Scholarship grants may be made to students based on specific criteria whether it is socio-economic, geographic, or merit. Through a scholarship, you can set up for perpetuity a means to educate and encourage students for generations to come.


A Supporting Organization is an effective and efficient substitute for a private foundation. These entities, housed at SCCF, operate with their own board, of your choosing, to fulfill their giving purposes but without the administrative and financial burdens of a private foundation. Usually a Supporting Organization enjoys a strong relationship with one or more specific charities it supports. This option requires careful consideration by the SCCF Board of Directors and those establishing the Supporting Organization.


SCCF’s Unrestricted Fund reaches out to Christian ministries serving the local area and raises awareness of their work and the community’s most pressing needs. By making a gift or bequest to the Unrestricted Fund, you can impact ministries today or create a living legacy that will grow and change along with the community. This is ideal for someone who wants to invest in a broad spectrum of Christian ministries and provide for gospel ministry regardless of changing conditions.

Annually local Christian ministries may apply for support through SCCF’s Grants Process. These grants, from the Unrestricted Fund, are presented at the annual Carry the Light Celebration Banquet.

Visit the Carry the Light and the Celebration Banquet to learn more about SCCF's Community Impact.


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