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News and Happenings at SCCF

SCCF Website Makes Charitable Giving Easier. Discover How.

South Carolina Christian Foundation is pleased to present its upgraded online presence providing visitors more information regarding the simplicity and rewards of being a true philanthropist. Our goal is to serve to the very best of our ability those who desire to make an impact locally, regionally, nationally, and globally through charitable giving. Therefore this website is designed with one goal in mind - to nurture and support donors in their giving.

Whether it is on their personal computers or their smart phones, our donor clients are now able to monitor their charitable history, manage their personal giving funds, and make distributions from these accounts to charitable organizations world-wide. This site's DONORCENTRAL database makes giving as easy as clicking a few buttons. With this feature, our donor clients are enjoying proactive philanthropy which they can better control and oversee.

To assist donors in understanding the needs that exist and the differences that can be made, SCCF also raises awareness of Christian non-profit organizations serving your community and around our state. Many of these wonderful ministries operate “under the radar” and are not widely known. Because of this they often struggle due to lack of awareness and low funding. Through this site's CONNECT feature, SCCF is building a database of Christian causes and purposes making an eternal difference. We are currently focused on populating the lists for Spartanburg and Greenville counties. Please revisit our site often to find which ministries have been added.

SCCF focuses on Christian ministries because we believe in the “eternal perspective”. This perspective takes into account a person's spiritual needs as well as their physical, social, economic, and emotional needs. We believe that only the gospel of Jesus Christ can change a life for eternity. Therefore we advocate for those organizations and causes that are meeting the temporal needs of today but also address the eternal need for salvation through faith in Christ.

We hope you will find this online resource beneficial. Contact SCCF for more information and to begin your personal Journey of Giving.

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